Reloading for Shotgun

cropped-img_2540.jpgThis blog or collection of writings is just pretty much for me.  I didn’t write it to gather readers, or advertising, or anything– I wrote most of this as posts replying to folks on the internet, and decided it was painful to re-answer and re-type all this when common questions occurred, so I gathered it up in one place and edited some separate posts together into coherent “articles”.   There’s a lot of info here now, so I threw a copyright on it, but it’s just a collection of my personal writing, 50 years ago it would just be a journal for my reference.  It has the benefit of letting me write longer thoughts, without having to subject my time/effort to comment by “internet trolls” or dilute them with countless arguing and off-topic follow on posts by folks who never took the time to read it all.

Since I know more folks than I intend will read this, if people I direct here for help tell someone else, I want to start with “THANKS”, but it’s a long list and I don’t want to lose folks early, so see bottom of this page for that very important part!

Next, NAVIGATION: All the pages in random order should show up on the right side; I’ve tried to make a categorized menu at the top, which hopefully includes all those pages, but it’s a work in progress– the right side at least lists everything for you to browse.  Still working it!

DISCLAIMER:  I am not responsible for anything you do reloading or have happen to you–reloading is a dangerous activity and you are completely responsible for your own actions.  I am NOT an expert, any reloading data you read here MUST BE crosschecked against the actual published source and techniques from reloading and powder companies.  Your access and reading of this site constitutes agreement with this entire disclaimer:

ABOUT:  I currently load for 28, 20, 16, and 12ga.  I load steel shot as well as HeavyWeight 13 (tungsten blend) and  Tungsten Super Shot (TSS), for waterfowl hunting.  I’m very interested in subgauge (28, 20) reloading for waterfowl, which is technically interesting due to the space limitations, as well as multi-density or “duplex” loading.  It’s a frontier where a lot of work and data is still needed to verify if there are gains at various ranges  and how to get good patterns, so you’re not repeating old science.

I’m also interested in loading steel for 12ga, but have spent most of my time looking at the 20 and 28 gauge, as 12ga steel loading is a “solved” issue, and it’s easy to find and load a perfectly functional hunting load.

I’ve done a good bit of research on loading “heavy” 28ga lead loads, 7/8 and 1oz. to extend the use of light 28ga guns to all-around dove/quail/pigeon.

Lastly, I’ve looked into and written on light 20ga lead loads, 3/4oz at 1150 or so, for a low-recoil practice round for kids to learn skeet shooting.

I think a good bit of my hunting and thinking revolves around my kids (sons 13, 11; daughter 8) and working on having guns/loads that are effective and usable for them… always in the back of my mind on everything is an idea of sitting with my children, experiencing the wonder and beauty of the world together–watching the sun rise over a misty water as ducks fly overhead, listening to the world come awake around us, spending time and life together.  You know the stuff we all hope for; anyways a lot of folks ask me why I’m interested in subgauge and HW shot, there it is.


There are a ton of folks to thank; like all knowledge we learn everything we know from other people, and our own thoughts stand on the shoulders of a giant pyramid of everyone else’s.  Of course I’ve read every reloading book I can find for both shotshell and metallic cartridge reloading.  I’ve also read literally many thousands of threads and hundred-thousands of posts, mainly at DuckHuntingChat, ShotGunWorld, RefugeForums, 28ga.Society,, and this compendium of knowledge far outweighs all the reloading books together.  I want to specifically thank the generosity of some folks who helped me get into waterfowl hunting with their knowledge and time: HAC and azdukhunter: they trusted me with their equipment and spots, and provided great examples to my sons of “how to be”.  Thanks!

A ton of other folks who took the time to chat with me as well as write their thoughts for others on various forums: cerberus, Republican,  DocBrock, toasty, BTJustice, goosepit2007, dla, LostKnife4, camoedfowler, migr82AZ, flyndutchman, HCK, Rob Mack, wildflights, derbyacresbob, 3200man, hawglips, hamernhonkers, Frank Lopez, skybusterbob, 1448jonboat, havoc1, skeetTX, rkittine, cannon, MissedAgain, byrdog, Savage16, Charlie16ga, leftydon.   There are a bunch of others I’m forgetting, but that’s a list of folks I’ve PMed with (“private message”) so easy to find and type.  That’s a list from early 2016, so if we’ve corresponded and you’re not here my apologies, but I’m sure I’ll fall behind on updating it–Anyways, thanks to them all and others who share their knowledge and interest so generously on the internet!